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Donderdag 14 juli 2022
Melkweg Amsterdam
Zaal open: 19:30 uur
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One of the most influent artists in Brazil, Alceu Valença will perform over european cities in july 2022.

During 40 years Valença developed a highlight career releasing 35 albuns with over 5 millions records sold. His music melts folk sounds from the northeastern of Brasil with hard rock influences. His strong poetry makes him figure among the masters of brazilian songwriting.

Folk styles as Forró, Baião, Xote, and Frevo are always behind his musical influencies. Songs like Morena Tropicana (also performed in ukranian by Gogol Bordello), Coração Bobo, Anunciação, Taxi Lunar and Belle de Jour have assembled Valença in the highest places of the hit parade for several decades. His album Vivo was defined by Richard Perry, from Arcade Fire, as a psychodelic masterpiece.

Along his international career, Alceu Valença performed in France, Portugal, Italy, UK, Holland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina. He sang six times at Montreux Jazz Festival and three times at Rock in Rio Festival. In 2017 he sang for one million fans at Copacabana Beach with partners Elba Ramalho and Geraldo Azevedo. In 2019, Alceu perfomerd in USA and Canada, including Summerstage Festival in NYC. Now it’s time for him to meet european audience once again.

Besides his music, Valença developed some experiences in literature (he published a book of poems called O Poeta da Madrugada or The Late Hours Poet) and cinema (he wrote, directed and acted in A Luneta do Tempo - or The Telescope of Time, released in 2016).

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